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The Colony!

Nanette L. Avery  lives outside Nashville in the beautiful state of Tennessee.  Novelist and short story writer, best known for her historical fiction, Orphan in America. Her nickname Nan is a palindrome and a favorite pastime is watching international films with a glass of red wine. #amwriting

" …a wise and penetrating novel about intertwining lives in a small town.” Blueink Review "​

Nanette L. Avery Nashville author who transcends many genres

“…this engrossing tale delivers plenty of 19th-century cultural details and a satisfying surprise ending.” Kirkus Reviews

​​​A comp​elling fiction that reveals a dark and unfamiliar episode of America's past, the Orphan Train. 

​​​​​​​​​​Nanette L. Avery transports readers back to pre-internet America, to a plain town where time marches on but fate cannot be escaped.​

"A beautifully written, effortlessly measured historical fiction."  Kirkus ​Reviews 

"... With more than a passing nod to Psycho and Norman Bates, I found The Colony to be a fascinating and at times mesmerizing read..." 5 stars Readers Favorite